Approximately 1 in every 1000 births exhibits an incidence of Down syndrome. Due to the lack of inclusiveness in our society, people with Down syndrome are victim of prejudice throughout throughout their lifetime.


We created a set of emojis representing people with Down syndrome. This simple design project is accessible through major social media apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

All you need is to access the GIF section of your smartphone keyboard and search for the term: Inclumojis.




Contact us by e-mail to receive the banking details of the institutions: or

Volunteer work

You can participate in projects and help with what you do best.



We showed everyone that it's normal to be different.

More than 35 million impacts.

More than US$ 2 million in spontaneous media.

More than 50 news stories in 4 languages.

More people using it every day.

IncluMojis have been adopted by the public and continue to be increasingly used. 6 months after its release, monthly views overcame the number of views of the starting month.

source: GIPHY stats

Much more donations. Many people helped.

The project was created for two Brazilian disability advocacy organizations. Monthly donations grew 169% for APABB and 270% for APAE Porto Alegre.