APAE Porto Alegre

(Association of Parents and Friends of the Handicapped)

As part of a network of institutions that offer help to people with disabilities, it is responsible for a specialized care unit and several schools.

APABB Regional RS


(Association of Parents, Friends and People with Disabilities,

Employees of Banco do Brasil and the Community)

It offers care programs for people with disabilities and their families, as well as professional qualification, training, leisure and sports activities.




Contact us by e-mail to receive the banking details of the institutions: faleconosco@apabb.org.br or fenapaes@apaebrasil.org.br.

Volunteer work

You can participate in projects and help with what you do best.


Social Responsibility

Provide services or resources for the social institution initiatives.


Hire and train people with Down syndrome for the job market.

How to help